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Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers are a huge part of the day for most couples and as flowers have hidden meanings, you may like to take a read of the guide below before deciding on your arrangements & bouquets.

Anemone –

Meaning: Expectation

Best For:  Bouquets and arrangements

Scent: None

In Season: Autumn (Japanese) to spring

Baby’s Breath –

Meaning: Innocence

Best For: Filler in bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres

Scent: None

In Season:  Year-round

Carnation –

Meaning: Pink represents boldness, red symbolises love, and white indicates talent.

Best For: Bouquets, boutonnieres, and arrangements

Scent: Very light fragrance or none at all, depending on variety

In Season: Year-round

Daffodil –

Meaning: Regard

Best For: Garden settings, in pots

Scent: None

In Season: Spring

Freesia –

Meaning: Innocence

Best For: Bouquets

Scent: Very fragrant

In Season: Spring and summer

Iris –

Meaning: A message of faith, wisdom

Best For: In arrangements or potted

Scent: Fragrant

In Season: Spring

Lily –

Meaning: Majesty, truth, honour

Best For: Bouquets and arrangements

Scent: Fragrant

In Season: Summer, but often imported during other seasons

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